Stacey Allbright
12/17/2011 12:13:54 pm

I currently used Kiouku to help me with a final paper, not only was the paper well written well i was also very pleased with the timely fashion in which it was completed. I would never hesitate to use Kiouku for any other school needs. Once again I want to thank you for your expertise..

Andy S.
3/7/2012 12:06:48 am

I had the pleasure of having Ms. Carter proof read my final paper for my PMT 754 Investigative Techniques class. I wrote a 19 page paper in two days so the quality of my work was at best a B-. After Ms. Carter proof read my paper, I recieved an A. Ms. Carter also provided same day services for this paper. I recommend Ms. Carter proof reading services for anyone, especially individuals who know what they want to say but want to articulate it better.

Stacey Allbright
5/7/2012 07:45:24 pm

Andy, I can so relate to how you feel. I have used this website twice, and how thankful i was in doing so. My first experience was the same as yours. Today, i will be turning in my second paper. This website is the way to go....

5/10/2012 01:31:33 am

I am pleased to re-post on this website..I had a last minute dilemma in critiquing one of my the time i was typing finals for 2 different classes... basically i was all over the place...i contacted seek & u shall find the last minute...n i have to say it was the best i mean the best thing i could have ever done...when i woke my paper was corrected on errors..n to brag further i received an A on my paper and in the class.......Thanks Once Again for your help!!!!!

11/30/2012 08:49:33 am

I have used your services and it is an excellent one. I am taking classes in Schooling Counseling and the papers Ms Carter did for me were and are all "As". God bless her has she progresses and continue through school. God has given her the touch to help a falling soul; so if you need help with any kind of school assignments please call on her for assistance she wont ignore you.

5/14/2013 03:14:51 am

I used Koco for my resume and it has defiantly increased my chances of getting the job. She was very professional and detailed on all my skills and work experiences, and she did not hesitate to ask what i wanted and needed it. I will use her again


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